Random #WriteTips Mashup

Every writer wants writing advice and there are plenty of people willing to offer it up. I’ve collected 10 very different articles and linked them below. Considering the variety, I’m sure there’s at least one you may find helpful.

Writing Tips

Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Tips on How to Write a Good Short Story

Stephen King’s “Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully”

10 Top Writing Tips and the Psychology Behind Them

How to Write Whether You Feel Like It or Not

How to Write a Novel: 25 Rules

5 Tips for Writing Science Fiction to Engage People Who Don’t Read It

5 Tips for Writing Fantasy Fiction

Stories That Kill: 7 Tips for Writing Crime

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Ending of a Novel

How to Write a Book Synopsis Better: 9 Tips

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I hope you’re all enjoying 2016 so far! As for me, I’ve been caught up between a few different projects – bouncing back and forth between two novels I’m writing, as well as designing cover art to best fit stories for fellow authors through Melchelle Designs.

Thank you all so much for stopping by! Write on, my friends!

Books by M.S. Fowle


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“In the new world, Demons rule. Humans are mere sustenance now.

Evelyn Samson still believes in a better fate for her fellow human survivors, but her faith is tested when she’s captured by the enemy. That’s when she meets Bastian Darcey, who’s been ordered to convince her to join the Turn and help lead Demons to total global domination. Considering how stubborn they both are, can Darcey actually talk her into it? Or will Evie die in that Demon city before he even gets the chance? Both their fates, as well as the future of the new world, hang in the balance.”


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“Monsters are real. Odin, an ancient faction of wealthy elites, created the Chimeras with only one goal: exterminate the First, those from which the myths and legends of vampires derived. But Chimeras kill any and all without mercy, leaving Alex and her team of human fighters with only one choice – join Zeke and his clan of First warriors to destroy the beasts threatening both their species. It’s a life of blood and horror, but they refuse to give up. They will see the end of this war… no matter the cost.”

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“Alex was just twelve years old when she learned monsters are real. Now, nearly a decade later, she and her team of fighters are locked in a secret war with Odin, the ancient faction of wealthy elites genetically engineering these monsters – the Chimeras. But Alex never knew why Chimeras were created, until she meets Zeke. He is Odin’s true target, him and his kind. They are of legends and myths. They are the First. But are they friend or foe? There’s only one thing Alex knows for sure… don’t ever call them vampires.”


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“Earth no longer belongs to humans. It was stolen right out from under them by the Merus. They look and act human, but actually came from another world. The things they’re capable of doing, their paranormal talents are what drove mankind to run and hide in hopeless defeat.

But Nora refuses to run away. All she has is hope. It’s what fuels her fight to get back everything the Merus took from her. For the light of her life, she won’t stop until she gets it all back.”

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I do hope you enjoy them!

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A Quick, Suspenseful Read

Coconut Island

by Kristin Kula

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Genre(s): Suspense, Short Story, Flash Fiction

Description: “A family wins an overnight stay at a new man made Island, which is shaped exactly like a coconut. However, while there, dark and dirty things occur…”

Get it on Amazon >> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012PJ3ZZK


More Books by Kristin Kula:

Cancer and Finding the Strength... by Krisin KulaSame Love: Book One by Kristin KulaThe Weather by Kristin Kula

Connect with Kristin Online:


Books by M.S. Fowle

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