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Things are changing at!

Looking at the Premade Print Covers page, you’ll see some new perspectives of the print premades. In addition to that, you’ll see new purchase options available for ALL print covers.

If you love one of the print premades but only need a cover for ebook, you can now simply purchase ONLY what you need. And if you change your mind later and wish to publish your book in print as well, just pay the difference to get all the necessary image files.


Check out some of the latest designs…


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Need Some Romantic Comedy?

Forever Red

by Carina Adams

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*Cover Design by Melchelle Designs*


Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Comedy

Description: “Not afraid to speak his mind or make a scene, Nathaniel Kelly has made a name for himself as country music’s ultimate bad boy. Covered in tattoos, singing songs about drugs, drinking and heartache, Nate acts more like an out of control rock star than the grandson of one of the genres most influential and legendary stars. Every man wants to be him. Every woman wants just one night with the hard-rocking country rebel.

Except me.

I just want to know that the boy I used to love is happy and that I didn’t break his heart in vain. That’s why I buy every magazine that even mentions his name; at least, that’s the story I tell myself.

When my friends gave me a birthday present any fan would die for, I was suddenly face-to-face with the man I never thought I’d see again. My body wasn’t supposed to react to him the way it did. And, Nate sure as hell wasn’t supposed to look at me the way he used to. Can someone you loved as a teenager really have a hold on your heart twelve years later? Is it ever too late to say you’re sorry and make up for past wrongs?

I’m about to find out.”

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About the Author


Author Carina Adams

Carina Adams has been writing and creating characters for as long as she can remember, allowing her to fall in love with the next man of her dreams with every new story. Thankfully, fate stepped in and granted her the ultimate wish – a life full of men. Carina lives in a picturesque New England town with her husband, the one man that ruined the thought of all others, and two amazing sons that always keep her on her toes.

When she isn’t trying to juggle being a working mom with karate and football practices, surprising her children with her sci-fi movie knowledge, or writing, you can find her with her nose pressed against her kindle in search of her new favorite vampire story, training for the Tough Mountain Challenge, or laughing with friends.

Connect with Carina Online:


Books by M.S. Fowle

New Release – My Mother’s Journals

Now Available!

My Mother’s Journals

by Suzanne Whitfield Vince

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* Cover Design by Melchelle Designs *


Genre(s): Contemporary & Historical Romance

Description: “Before her mother’s shocking deathbed confession, before her father’s stroke, before a long string of miscarriages, Olivia Hunter’s life had gone exactly according to plan. But lately, no matter how hard she tries, nothing is working out the way it’s supposed to. And it’s about to get worse.

After losing her job and her marriage in the same day, a mysterious woman delivers a box containing a set of her mother’s journals. As she begins to read, Olivia unearths her mother’s secret life. Stunned by her mother’s secrets and betrayals, Olivia’s life begins to spiral even more out of control.

But as she continues to read, she comes to see that her mother’s journey was not so unlike her own. Will the parallels help her to piece her own life back together? Will she learn to forgive the people who have betrayed her? Or will she leave the past behind and forge a new life from the seemingly irresistible opportunities that lie before her?”

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Also Available from Suzanne Whitfield Vince:

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Connect with Suzanne Online:

New Look – New Covers!

Some crazy stuff has happened in the past few weeks. My corporate job finally got the better of me and I decided not to take it anymore. When your boss is being forced to write up everyone on staff for poor sales when everyone in the store knows it was due to having 4 blizzards in one month, I really feel like the big wigs are taking it too far. Hard to sell anything when the store is closed. Just saying. And there’s way more to it than that, but I’ll spare you the juicy details.

For now, I’m a homebody, which means taking the opportunity to improve my own business – book covers. I’ve been looking for new ways to advertise, but there doesn’t seem to be many ways to advertise a web-based business that has no physical address or phone number. That’s something I’ll have to seriously consider.

Here are some of the new things you’ll see at

  • Removed the Grunge & Vintage Gallery – That page had very few hits, so I’ve sorted the covers in that gallery into other categories.
  • New Background and Header – The old background felt distracting and the new header displays some of the services I offer.
  • New Look – Instead of clicking basic gallery titles, I’ve linked graphics displaying sample covers to each gallery for better navigation.
  • New Covers – Not just new covers, but I’ve redone old covers as well.
  • Open Commissions – I’ve opened up commissions for custom cover art, offering 2-3 weeks (at most) completion time.

If you or an author you know is in the market for a book cover, feel free to consider me.

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