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Voices Across The Void

by Paula Acton

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*Cover Design by Melchelle Deisgns*

Genre(s): Horror, Ghosts, Short Stories, Anthology

Description: “Voices Across The Void is a collection of ghostly tales, not all ghosts are friendly but they all want to be heard, this collection is told many from the other side, with as many emotions as they displayed in life they want your attention now, so the question remains, are you listening?”

50% of the profits from this book is to be donated to the charity

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About the Author


Author Paula Acton

Born in Leeds, currently living in Huddersfield, Paula Acton decided when she turned forty to stop dreaming about writing and do it. Having been published in online journals and featured in the charity anthology Lupus Animus, her first two publications are short story collections with her debut novel to follow later in the year.

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Cover Reveal: VOICES ACROSS THE VOID by Paula Acton

For those out there who don’t follow author Paula Acton… what’s wrong with you?

It’s okay, it’s okay. You can redeem yourself by finding her at the following links:

Author Site

Photography Site

Twitter @Paula_Acton

Paula has been very good about teasing us all with her next project. From what we know so far, she’s putting together a collection of ghost stories for a mix of drama, a dash of horror, and even a bit of humor. It’s set to be released soon enough via Amazon, and will be available as both print and ebook.

I’m thrilled to present to you Voices Across The Void by Paula Acton:

by Paula Acton
(Cover Design by Melchelle Designs)

She came to me about putting together a cover for it and I was thrilled to oblige. Probably the best thing about making this cover is the background photo – it’s of the Bluebell Wood and was taken by Paula herself. Her photos are always gorgeous, and I feel its adds a real personal touch to the final cover with a mix of her artwork and my own. The ethereal-looking girl you see is actually a statue in an open-air museum in Belgium, called “Running Girl” by Kurt Gebauer. The smoke and orbs are meant to represent spirits from the “other side.”

To receive further updates on this publication, please follow Paula using one of the links provided above.

Congratulations, Paula! I can’t wait to read it!

I Want To Believe

The paranormal has always intrigued me. The X-Files was one of my favorite shows. There is so much about our world that can’t be explained or proved or even disproved. I’m sure we’ve all had experiences that we’ll probably never fully understand. I’ve had a few.

My cousins slumber party sparked a series of peculiar events in my teenage years. She was living in this big, old farmhouse that’s been in my father’s family for generations. I went with my stepsister, who knew the other girls there. I was there visiting my father, so I only barely knew a couple of them. We were playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board when our subject suddenly burst into tears and claimed to have seen the ghost of a friend that had died in a fire a few years before. To this day, I still can’t say for sure what actually happened to her, but this girl was definitely freaked out. Then, later that night, my sister and I had this great idea to scare one of our friends with a Ouija board. It was sadistically funny, but my sister and I couldn’t help but notice this odd tingly feeling that crept up our arms as we coerced the planchette to spell out her name.

It wasn’t long after the party that strange things started occurring at my father’s house just up the street. I swore I could clearly hear someone walking up and down the stairs, but I was home alone and saw nothing every time I sneaked out to check. Then, my stepmother had this old, glass coin bank shaped like Abraham Lincoln half-filled with pennies that sat on the floor near the wall. It just shattered. Maybe it was just old and had enough. I don’t know. But we still can’t figure out how a cast iron candle holder literally flew off the mantle above the wood stove straight at my father’s head. It just barely missed him. Being that so much couldn’t be explained, we simply started saying that the spirit of my father’s grandmother must’ve followed me and my sister back from my cousin’s house and she was making herself known.

A few years ago, my husband and I were up at the family camp with a few friends for the weekend. The night was warm and the sky was clear, so we went out to sit on the rocks to check out the stars. I pointed out a satellite gliding overhead and we each remarked that it looked to be changing speeds – going too fast, then going to slow. But then, it stopped. And before anyone could ask, it suddenly shot out across the sky. It took a minute for us to start interrogating each other, wanting to be sure we all saw what we just saw, even if we’re still not sure what it was.

Most recently, I had my first experience with a woman claiming to be a psychic medium. She said she’d just gone on a ghost hunt at Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine and started to tell me about some of the things she saw and felt there. But she was quickly distracted, saying that she wanted to tell me about the spirit watching over me. Don’t react, don’t give anything away, I thought, Let’s see what she’s got. She said it was my grandfather and described him to me. Everything was generically accurate until she made this very specific wave of her hand over her head. “That’s how he wore his hair,” she said, and made the motion again, “He was very particular about this wave in the front.” And he was. Every photo I’ve ever seen of him, at any age, his hair was styled exactly the same way. I know this was a style typical of his generation. I know that a lot of men his age wore their hair the same way. Maybe it was a lucky guess on her part. But it was no less creepy. And I should mention that by this time the woman was starting to cry, telling me how much he loves me and wants to watch over me. I can’t prove whether this woman was for real or just really good at figuring out what people want to hear. I just know that I wouldn’t be surprise if my grandfather was watching over me. I would actually prefer it.

If you’ve experienced something you can’t explain, I’d love to hear about it, so feel free to share if you like. I certainly can’t provide prove of any of the things that have happened to me. But I do know that I’m comforted in believing that this life I’m living isn’t all that there is. I want the loved ones that have passed on to be able to look in on me, to watch over me and my family. I want to believe that, in the vast endlessness of space beyond our planet, there are other worlds inhabited by intelligent beings. I want people to believe in whatever it is that makes them feel protected and secure enough to be able to enjoy living their lives. I want it to help them to mourn and move on, to never take anything for granted, to gain a new lease on life. And even though I’m still not completely sure what the absolute truth actually is, I still want to believe.

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