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Lover’s Curse

The Hemocil Society (Book 1)

by Ruthie L. Manier

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Genre(s): Romance, Time Travel, Paranormal, Fantasy

Description: “Will this man ‘Dark Eyes’ free Carra’s mind and break the Lover’s Curse?

He comes to her in her dreams, a force of nature like none other. The gravitational pull is unbearable, drawing her towards him like a moth to a flame. His dark eyes are fathomless, haunting her day and night. Who is this mysterious stranger, with the hungry eyes that call to her? Has he come to make her one with his soul, his Eternalmate, or as a predator she his prey? Is he here to finish the kill?

Carra has had it rough for the last seven years struggling with amnesia. She often get the feeling as though someone or something is hunting for her. The problem is she doesn’t know if this is a good thing or if she should be running as fast as her feet will go. She fears the worst. If only she could remember…

Once she gives into her desire, which she knows is inevitable, will there be any going back? Could this dream man have the tools to free her mind and end the Lover’s Curse, or will he be her ultimate demise?”


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The Hemocil Society Series

Lover's Curse by Ruthie L. ManierLover's Salvation by Ruthie L. ManierLover's Refuge by Ruthie L. Manier


About the Author


Author Ruthie L. Manier

Ruthie Manier is an author of thrilling paranormal romance books. Her first in the new series, ‘The Hemocil Society,’ by the name of ‘Lover’s Curse’ was released May of 2014. The second of this series, ‘Lover’s Salvation’ will be released in the late spring of 2015. Ruthie puts a new spin on vampire romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat turning the pages, eyes burning through the words afraid to miss what happens next. Her books are filled with sexy, strong, magical characters, packed with action, steamy romance, and best of all, true love. Ruthie like many others has had her share of bumps and curves along the road of life, and has found the healing and the strength she needed through her lifetime love of writing and her other greatest passion, running. Once at forty-nine she was invited to run a half marathon but was told by a peer she was too old. Heavy hearted she almost withdrew, but then after stewing on it for a few days she lifted her chin, squared her shoulders and said, “Like hell I can’t run a marathon!” Ruthie ran her first half marathon in 2009, since then she has completed three more half marathons and the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon! Her motto is to never give up! She is a Washingtonian through and through, born and bred second oldest of ten siblings. Ruthie has been married to the love of her life Jon for thirty years. They have four adult children, two rowdy sons and two strongly independent daughters. Thus far they have been blessed with four beautiful grandchildren, again two boys and two girls. For the last eighteen years Ruthie has worked in the medical field, mostly in the emergency room where it has been her delight to work with many amazing people including staff and patients. However, Ruthie’s greatest pleasure is spending time with her loved one’s camping, vacationing or just plain visiting with a hot cup of tea or a nice glass of wine. At home you’ll always be able to find her cozied up in her favorite lazy boy chair or on her patio enjoying the sparse NW Washington sunshine, creating a new novel or reading someone else’s delicious romance.

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by Brittany Comeaux

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*Cover Art by Brittany Comeaux*


Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Description:On a cold winter night, the kingdom of Daldussa invaded Cierith, a peaceful and prosperous kingdom. The king of Daldussa, Bogdan, murdered the king and queen of Cierith in cold blood while their young daughter watched in horror. Bogdan then proclaimed himself dictator of the conquered land.

Ten years later, the princess of Cierith, now under the alias “Crystal,” is the leader of a rebel group called Deliverance and she uses her magic to fight Bogdan’s tyranny. She has many friends and allies who aid her, including Blaze, King Bogdan’s only son. Cast aside by his cruel father, Prince Blaze joins the rebellion bent on revenge.

Soon Crystal and Blaze will discover that they must both fight for their lives not only to protect everyone else they hold dear, but each other as well.

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Interview with a First: Zeke

I caught up with Zeke, clan warrior leader of the First, for an in-depth interview about the secret war against Odin and his view on humans in the world today. It wasn’t easy finding him, or convincing him to speak with me. When the interview began, he barely made eye-contact with me. I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or starting to get hungry.

by M.S. Fowle


(Me) Would you state your full name for the record, please?

(Zeke) Ezekiel de Romana

Where are you from?

(Z) I was born in Turkey, but I was raised and trained in Romania.

What struck me odd at this point was his accent. A human from eastern Europe would’ve had one.

And how old are you?

(Z) I don’t know an exact number. I began my warrior training about three centuries ago.

He doesn’t look a day over twenty-five.

How old were you when you started training?

(Z) Any First chosen for the clans begins training within the initial year of life. But to a human, we would appear to be a few years older.

So, the First grow and develop faster than humans?

(Z) Only for the first ten years or so, before we suspend.

What’s suspend?

(Z) In a way, time stops for us. We remain as adolescents for about a century, training the whole time. Then, we resume transition into adulthood as any human would and suspend again. We train for another hundred years before we are officially ordained as warriors.

I’m no scientist, but this all sounded like a biological impossibility. But like I said, I’m no scientist.

What’s the purpose of the clan warriors? What do you train for?

(Z) We fight to protect all First against the tyranny of Odin. We have done so for thousands of years.

I’ve heard of Odin. Someone said they’ve been disguising themselves as various corporate organizations in order to fund their operations. And with the First being so out of touch with the modern human world, doesn’t that put you at a disadvantage?

(Z) We fight with what we have. Even if we had nothing, we would still fight. That’s all that matters.

I was nodding. How could I deny that kind of dedication?

Now… I was advised not to bring this up, but there seems to be a lot of similarities between the First and vampires.

(Z) You were advised correctly.

My heart stopped. No one had ever glared at me like that. I swear, his eyes almost glowed–like a lion about pounce on his prey.

I meant no offense…

(Z) All those myths and folklore were concocted by Odin to portray us as demons and convince humans to hate and fear us.

He hadn’t quite calm down yet, but I couldn’t let this opportunity escape me.

That brings up a good point, actually. Isn’t it true the First hate humans?

(Z) They deserve nothing less for what they’ve done to us.

What about Alex?

(Z) What about her?

He was starting to get that glow in his eyes again. No turning back now.

Well, for starters, why her? What makes her different from other humans?

(Z) We… we fight the same enemy. She is strong and loyal… like a clan warrior.

I could tell he chose his words carefully.

The others said they’ve seen you protect her in battle.

(Z) She’s done the same for me. That’s what comrades do.

So, you’ve gone from hating humans to calling them your comrades. She must’ve made quite an impression.

He turned away for a moment. But when he looked back at me, the expression on his face was nothing but calm.

(Z) She’s the only reason I’m even talking to you.


Our interview ended there. The team was called on a mission, of which I was given no details. My experience may have been a bit nerve-racking at first, but my brief meeting with Zeke has opened my mind far more than I expected.

The First are more like us than we might want to believe. But they’re angry. And quite honestly, I don’t blame them.


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The First Night by M.S. Fowle

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Author Feature: Travis Luedke

As I was randomly stumbling across Twitter looking for new connections, I encountered author Travis Luedke. His book The Nightlife: New York is available on Amazon and it’s doing quite well with over 20 great reviews. My reason for doing my author feature on Mr. Luedke is that his book is currently available for FREE! The description looks intriguing and the cover art is genius.

Travis is a husband and father, and his break-out novel is just the first in an upcoming series. I’d love to tell you my thoughts on his book, but I just downloaded it this morning. I’m doing this author feature to “pay it forward” and convince my lovely followers to give this book a good read.

*Disclaimer: Judging by the book description and tags, this book may contain graphic sex and violence. Again, I haven’t read it yet, but you have been officially notified.

The Nightlife: New York by Travis Luedke

Description:Vampires, strippers, escorts, night clubs, gangs, pimps and corrupt cops, the Nightlife of New York is never boring.

Is she a beautiful blond guardian angel as he imagined, or something else entirely? When Michelle saves Aaron’s life she shares the benefits of her blood––after getting him shot accidentally. He awakes a changed man, living in a purgatory of eternal night, never to see the sunrise again.

Michelle drags Aaron through a hardcore learning curve of vampiric slavery. Forced to adapt to servitude, he is subject to her authority of compulsion. She orders him around like a puppet on a string, a dog on a very short leash. First things first, he must learn to feed properly without creating bloodslaves (humans addicted to the powerful drug-like effect of their venomous bite).

And then she puts him to work––a male escort in the sex trade––same as Michelle. Aaron walks a tightrope of strictly controlled feeding regiments and intensely erotic sexual adventures while catering to the neurotic control-freak tendencies of his new master. It’s do or die, Michelle vows to eliminate him if he proves too difficult to control. Amidst all these shocking and degrading adjustments, Aaron finds he’s falling in love.

Can he maintain her rules and keep a sliver of his humanity intact? Innocence is a luxury few can afford in the decadent nightlife of New York. In a world where sex, blood, and power over women is so readily accessible, Aaron struggles against the predatory instincts deeply rooted in his new psyche. He must find his way quickly, practicing rigid self-control, or risk the consequences of Michelle’s wrath.”

Get it on Amazon:

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Author Site

I’m not sure how long this book will be available for free, so grab it while you can. And if you do read it, don’t forget to wander back to Amazon to leave Travis a review.

*Hurricane Update: As I thought, we haven’t felt much of anything of Hurricane Sandy. There was a slight breeze last night and it’s raining, but all is well in my area. I wish I could say the same for those Mainers on the coast and everyone south of here – some of the footage is incredible! My husband saw a photo on Twitter of a New Jersey neighborhood – it was a shark swimming in front of someone’s house. Craziness! To everyone still dealing with this storm, stay safe and dry and take care.

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