#FridayFlash Roots and Vines: The Unwanted Gift

M.S. Fowle:

Passing on some great flash fiction – enjoy!

Originally posted on The Darkness Goes 'Round:

Roots and Vines

I woke early this morning, feeling bouncy and refreshed. There were lots of wicked storms through the night, but I slept through them all. I know this only because when I went outside for my morning run, everything was wet and little bits of twigs with green leaves still clinging to them covered the lawn. Most unsightly, but I cranked up the music blaring in my headset, and took off down the road.
Forty-five minutes later, I was sitting at my kitchen table skimming through my Facebook groups, finding nothing interesting beyond the typical barrage of self-promotions and giveaways. Sifting through my emails, I decided I didn’t need to purchase any Viagra today nor did I want the daily Groupon offer. However, I did find one thing that caught my eye.
Someone gifted a book to me.
I was not expecting something like that. It was a…

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