Man, I Love Distractions!

First off, a quick update. My mother-in-law, though doing and feeling fairly well, will soon need further treatment. We’re not really excited about it – and who could blame us? But she is strong and has a lot of support. My husband is taking her on a road trip to visit with her sister before she’s too tired to do so. She also keeps saying that she can watch our son again. But considering how much he wears me out, we’re quite sure she’s not ready for that. Right now, we’re just focused on her kicking cancer in the teeth.

And I just wanted to tell you all thank you – thank you for your posts and comments. Though I may not hit the ‘like’ button or remark on your blogs, I am reading them and enjoying the distraction from the day-to-day. You’re awesome – plain and simple.

Which leads me to my next distraction – a BRAND NEW book by fellow author and friend, Erik Gustafson. The best part? It’s FREE for a limited time!

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Get it on Amazon

Genre(s): Horror, Science Fiction, Adventure

Description: “Trent’s grandfather vanished without a trace many years ago and now his brother has been found dead. Mutilated in a field. And the dead man’s son is missing. A fishing trip gone terribly wrong. Trent soon discovers that the guilty are beyond the law—light-years beyond the law. His quest takes him, his brother’s wife, and a small band of close friends to a haunting world he knows nothing about, to strike an impossible deal with the very monsters that tore his family apart.”

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Thank you again, everyone! Someday, I’ll get back in the writing game. But, as I always say, family first. 😉

Take care!

Author Feature: Erik Gustafson

I had reblogged this before, but the post was corrupted somehow and I had to delete it. 😦

So, if you’d like a FREE copy of Erik Gustafson‘s Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon, just CLICK HERE to see his original post.

Sorry, Erik. Technology hates me.