New Purchase Options at Melchelle Designs

Things are changing at!

Looking at the Premade Print Covers page, you’ll see some new perspectives of the print premades. In addition to that, you’ll see new purchase options available for ALL print covers.

If you love one of the print premades but only need a cover for ebook, you can now simply purchase ONLY what you need. And if you change your mind later and wish to publish your book in print as well, just pay the difference to get all the necessary image files.


Check out some of the latest designs…


Escape by Melchelle Designs

Leaf by Melchelle DesignsMaiden by Melchelle DesignsSquishy by Melchelle DesignsSurreal by Melchelle DesignsGifted by Melchelle Designs_____________________________________________________________________________________

And there’s plenty more to see…

Custom Book Covers

Premade EBOOK Covers

Premade PRINT Covers

Clearance Covers


Books by M.S. Fowle

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