New Edition: Nora’s Sun

It’s been far too long since I’ve done anything with my own books. In an effort to motivate myself, I’ve re-edited my short story and spruced it up with a new cover. Best of all – it’s still FREE on Smashwords and Amazon! If you find a few moments, please check out…

Nora’s Sun

A Short Story

by M.S. Fowle

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Get it on Amazon

*Cover Design by Melchelle Designs*


Genre(s): Short Story, Science Fiction, Post-apocalyptic

Description: “Earth no longer belongs to humans. It was stolen right out from under them by the Merus. They look and act human, but actually came from another world. The things they’re capable of doing, their paranormal talents are what drove mankind to run and hide in hopeless defeat.

But Nora refuses to run away. All she has is hope. It’s what fuels her fight to get back everything the Merus took from her. For the light of her life, she won’t stop until she gets it all back.”

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  1. Nice job, Mel. My best to you. 🙂


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