Know Your VA Benefits

One of the very first authors I met when I first started this indie venture has brought an important issue to my attention. Author Jessie Cox is a veteran and recently encountered a few issues with his local VA clinic. The staff there failed to inform him of all the benefits and services available to him. Luckily, Jessie was proactive and managed to find them himself, but he fears others out there are still left in the dark. Please, if you or someone you love is a veteran and needs help, check out these links:

• U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

• Explore ALL Veterans Benefits

• For Dependents or Survivors

I know there must be more helpful links out there for veterans and their loved ones. If you know of any, please comment with a link below and I will gladly add them to this post.

Our soldiers have sacrificed so much for us – we owe them the world and beyond. Know your rights. Know that you have more than earned the right to proper health care. Our veterans should never be forgotten.

Thank you to every soldier everywhere and all of those who love and support them for your service and sacrifice.


If you’d like to know more about Jessie, you can check him out on Amazon:

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Get it on Amazon


Thank you so much for your attention on this matter.

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