New Fantasy Artworks

I should join the circus since I’ve been doing so much juggling lately. I spend my days with my son, while I spend my nights and the occasional nap time working on my art and writing, in addition to everything else. One would think that once I finally had the whole house to myself this past weekend, I would’ve gotten so much done. Unfortunately, I was so worn out that I pretty much did absolutely nothing for two days straight. Well, except for one particular piece of artwork that I’m especially happy with – it’ll be the very last one that I feature here today. So, without further ado, here are my latest works.

Made for The Angels are Crying Contest by Photomanipulatorsx3 on deviantART
Gently Weeps by M.S. Fowle

Gently Weeps
by M.S. Fowle


Made for the Spring Contest by Digital-Wings-Art on deviantART
Sakura Fairy by M.S. Fowle

Sakura Fairy
by M.S. Fowle


Made mostly because the model was so pretty.
Tianshi by M.S. Fowle

by M.S. Fowle


And last by not least…

Made for the Pirate’s Life Contest by ManipulationHelpDesk on deviantART
The Dreaded Red by M.S. Fowle

The Dreaded Red
by M.S. Fowle

“All fear The Dreaded Red – and for good reason. On this day, she and her crew dropped anchor near an uncharted island where Red had hidden some booty. She planned to cash it in when she found another band of pirates stealing her loot. So she did what any other pure blooded, redheaded woman would do and set fire to the entire island, burning everything down to mere cinders and ash, including the wretched thieves who dared to cross her.”


Keep your eye out for Dreaded Red as a book cover, pending permission from a couple stock providers.

Write on, my friends!

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  1. Fantastic cover art.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. beautiful artwork, exquisite

  3. Really nice art, Mel. Well done!

  4. …truly striking visuals, m’Lady :) :)


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