It’s a Pi Day 5 Day Sale!

Today is a mathematical celebration day!

And YOU can get Ben Trube’s Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach book bundle at a whopping 40% off!

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This sale is exclusively on Bundle Dragon, with content you can’t get anywhere else!

For just $2.99, you get Fractals: A Programmer’s Approach in Kindle, Nook and PDF formats (all DRM free), plus a high resolution gallery of 125 pictures from the book.

And for just a dollar more, you get the popular eBooklet Fractals You Can Draw, plus another gallery of 125 pictures not available anywhere else, along with one hour of fractal video exclusive to Bundle Dragon.

That’s two books, 250 pictures and dozens of fractal videos for just $3.99!

So what are you waiting for? This awesome sale ends March 18th!


More About Author Ben Trube


Ben Trube is a writer and programmer who blogs over at [BTW] Ben Trube, Writer. He lives in Ohio with his wife “the little red-haired girl” his dog Simon and cat Dax. Ben first discovered fractals in the 6th grade and has been creating images ever since.

Connect with Ben Online:

• Website –
•  Facebook –

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  1. Happy Pi day!


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