Author Feature: Nick Sanders

I’m thrilled to welcome back a returning author and his latest novel…


Population Zero

by Nick Sanders

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Get it on Amazon

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Genre(s): Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Humanity is being shipped off onto islands and Richard is allocated the tranquil Isle of Islay. Having survived the Lake District Camp being overrun, Richard begins to settle into a life as a Doctor at the Eddington Institution. It’s only a matter of weeks before the undead overrun the island and force Richard and the last few survivors to make a desperate stand to survive. They soon realise that if they are to survive the night then they are going to have to work together…

With literally thousands of the undead surrounding the compound and no contact with the outside world, the housemates realise that they may very well starve to death. Worse than that the last barrier protecting them from the ravenous undead is a brick wall that is crumbling and soon there will be nothing to stop them from being turned.
Jenny is the only one with the strength to believe that she can break out and find her soul mate Richard…”

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• About the Author •


Author Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders currently leads a double-life as a software developer and devoted author. His horror series currently out on Amazon is truly unique as it spans across human history with a mix of post-apocalyptic turmoil, zombies, werewolves, vampires, and human survival. You can find The Rising Dead 1980s and The Rising Dead 2000AD available for download and ready for review.


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