Author Feature: Brittany Comeaux

I’ve met plenty of amazing artists on deviantART, so I was thrilled to find one such artist is also an author. I’m honored to feature…


Deliverance by Brittany Comeaux

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Genre(s): Young Adult Fantasy

Description: “On a cold winter night, the kingdom of Daldussa invaded Cierith, a peaceful and prosperous kingdom. The king of Daldussa, Bogdan, murdered the king and queen of Cierith in cold blood while their young daughter watched in horror. Bogdan then proclaimed himself dictator of the conquered land.

Ten years later, the princess of Cierith, now under the alias “Crystal,” is the leader of a rebel group called Deliverance and she uses her magic to fight Bogdan’s tyranny. She has many friends and allies who aid her, including Blaze, King Bogdan’s only son. Cast aside by his cruel father, Prince Blaze joins the rebellion bent on revenge.

Soon Crystal and Blaze will discover that they must both fight for their lives not only to protect everyone else they hold dear, but each other as well.”

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• About the Author •


Author Brittany Comeaux

Brittany Comeaux lives with her husband and daughter in Eunice, LA. When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family, drawing, or checking out the latest games.


Check out Brittany’s deviantART Gallery:

Artwork by Brittany ComeauxArtwork by Brittany ComeauxArtwork by Brittany Comeaux








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