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If there is one tried and true thing about Maine, it’s that the weather can never decide what to do. After a crazy Christmas ice storm and losing power for days, we warmed up just in time for a full day of rain, which then flash froze due to a sever drop in temperature. Every road was a flat sheet of ice and cars were skating straight into the ditches. Now, it’s spring-like weather and everything is melting. Such is Maine. I’m sure next week it’ll be winter once again.

I’ve been trying to sustain my sanity with the usual – digital art and book covers. Although, I’d rather work on my books. One of my biggest qualm is deciding which unfinished or mostly finished story to work on, aside from making time to work on it. But book covers make us money, which we need since I’m home with my son most of the time. And you try reading anything with a four-year-old around. His naps are getting shorter and I’m exhausted by bedtime. We’re hoping things will change soon, so I can at least get a bit more time to myself.

Question for my loyal followers: would any of you be interested in being my beta readers for my next literary project? I truly value your talents and input. It would be an immense help to me. Please, if you’re interested, either comment below or fill out my contact form HERE.

Now, it wouldn’t be a post from me without some visuals, so here you go.

This is my last and final winter-like artwork…because I’m sick of winter already…

Red Folly by M.S. Fowle

Red Folly
by M.S. Fowle


Next up we have a couple new book covers, ones I’m especially proud of…


Stalker by Melchelle Designs – Found in Horror Premades

by Melchelle Designs


This next one was inspired by another artwork I’ve shared with you before…


Wing Dance by Melchelle Designs – Found in Print Premades

by Melchelle Designs


Aside from all of that, I’m desperately trying to get back into some poetry. I thought I had a good haiku the other day, until the first line escaped me. I’m still on the hunt.

But now, I’d like to share some news I’m absolutely most proud of: my son can write is own name and loves it! He wants to write it on everything just to show you he can do it. I’ve had to explain a few times where this is appropriate – ya’ know, like on paper and not walls or any of my stuff. But I’ve never seen him so happy with himself over three little letters. His name is actually six letters long, but we’ll cross that bridge later. My little writer! (Gotta start somewhere…)

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  1. Congratulations to the little writer!

    We’re having the same kind of up/down weather here in nyc.
    I just want it to be spring already. (65 days to go!)

    • Thank you! :) And in 65 days, who knows what the weather will be around here. It once snowed on my birthday, and that’s in May!

  2. Your winter cover is absolutely beautiful. So nice to read your son can write his name. Yes, he’s on his way. :-)

  3. But your so good at those winter covers…Love the Red Folly.

    • Oh – I WISH I could make that into a book cover. I can’t afford the license for the model image. I made Red Folly just for fun. ;) Thank you, though! I’m happy you like it! <3


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