Author Feature: James Darrow

It’s cold out there, so let’s give a warm welcome to my next author and his new book…


Blood in the Machine by James Darrow

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Genre(s): Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Thriller

Description: “The year is 2022. Poverty has run rampant in the aftermath of war. First-world nations now receive support from various aid groups. In the middle of the chaos, cybernetic augmentation has become a reality.

 In trying to find a way to help support his wife, NYPD officer Alex Rowan signs onto the police security detail for the head of the world’s largest cybernetics corporation. Over the course of his week-long escort detail, his simple assignment becomes a challenge that will test how far he will go for his wife.”

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• About the Author •



James Darrow, a newcomer to the authorial scene, is from Washington state. Originally starting to write with text-roleplays based off video games, he eventually started writing short stories for practice. After gaining some experience in dealing with publications, he decided to go off on his own and publish larger pieces independently.

He works a day job as the purchaser for a tool company, then divvies up his time between R&R and writing. His musical choice has made him the target of many jokes, with tastes ranging from European symphonic metal to epic orchestra pieces. Generally known as a quirky fellow, he’s known to spend way too much time browsing Reddit and drudging up cat pictures.

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