Author Feature: Donalie Beltran

Can evil be inherited? Follow one family who believes it is possible…


Murder is a Family Affair by Donalie Beltran


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Genre(s): Biographies & Memoirs, Crime & Criminals

Description: “Some stories just have to be told and so it is with the Tuxhorn family.

Murder Is A Family Affair follows August Tuxhorn to America in the mid 1850s where Charles was born in Illinois. The boy grew up with a beautiful face and a stone heart.

Evil set in motion by his grandfather and then his father, Charles carries on the family’s violent temper and disregard for human life. Did he inherit these traits shared by others? More important, did he pass them on?

Follow their lives and watch the carnage they leave behind. Many lives were lost or destroyed in their wake.

After particularly gruesome murders, Charles Tuxhorn disappeared into thin air. How? Pinkerton looked for him around the world, but couldn’t find him. Where did he go? Is this the last of the evil?

Or is it just the beginning?”

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About the Author


Donalie Beltran

Donalie lives in the Midwest with her husband and two dogs. MIAFA is the results of 10 years of research after hearing rumors of a killer in the family. What she found was much more than expected – raising the question, “can evil be inherited?”

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  1. That sounds like an interesting premise! I hope the book does well.


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