People I See

I see people from all walks of life, from both ends of the spectrum and in between.

I see the suits and ties: those who think they are the “end-all, be-all” and better than everyone and care only of what they will gain – and those who refuse to forget where they came from and treat others as equals.

I see the blue collars: those who have let their labor callous them inside and out – and those grease-covered hard workers that know not how to slow down and know only that they need to provide for others.

I see the old: those that have lost all else and are only waiting to die with the intent of spreading their bitter taste for life before doing so – and those who have seen history be made and repeated and achieved and blundered and long only to pass on all they’ve learned to enrich others.

I see the young: those obsessed with vanity, that take advantage of those who love them and couldn’t care less – and those brought up on manners and discipline with hopes and dreams larger than they could ever achieve and yet still long to at least try.

I see parents: those that would cause anyone to wonder why they had children in the first place if they only see and treat them as burdens – and those who have read and researched and strive to raise intelligent, polite, generous children without ever raising their hand.

I see criminals: those still lifting and dealing and finding more ways to “stick it the man” – and those only distinguished from the masses by their prison ink and now live rehabilitated as law-abiding citizens with priorities of family and societal compliance.

The people I see are those I know and those I don’t – and their stories will be told whether they tell them or not.

Photo by Chris Humphries

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