Art Break

It’s time for one of my I ain’t got time for nothin’ posts, where I share my latest artwork.

Here is a “manip redemption” of a piece I did almost a year ago…

Return to Butterfly Glen by M.S. Fowle

Return to Butterfly Glen
by M.S. Fowle


I tend to focus on models, so I decided to try something different and ended up with a surreal scape with a vintage touch…

Edge of the World by M.S. Fowle

Edge of the World
by M.S. Fowle


Finally, here’s one I made to welcome back an incredible artist, Jessica Allain, to deviantART…

Love's Red Rose by M.S. Fowle

Love’s Red Rose
by M.S. Fowle


For those who are wondering, my mother-in-law is feeling much better. She’s taking the boy for a few hours today, to see how things go. She wants to have him stay overnight, but we’re playing that by ear. She should start further treatment soon, so she wants to get in as much time as she can. My son is especially excited to show her the worksheets we’ve been working on – letters and numbers and the like. It was a beautiful moment to see him so proud of himself and so eager to learn more. He’s my little genius… until I see him throwing a big bouncy ball against the wall to try and make it hit himself in the face so he can laugh so hard he falls over.

Boys will be boys. ;)

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  1. Lovely work. The one without the model is so different. I hope the boy’s visit with you MIL is wonderful for both of them.

  2. It’s inspiring, seeing your work grow.

    Enjoy your son while he’s a boy.

  3. Diane Carlisle

     /  October 18, 2013

    Wow, these are wonderful! Nice job.

  4. I want her hair colour!

  5. So glad to hear your mother-in-law is doing much better

  6. Fantastic post! More …


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