My Crappy Poetry: Entry #31

Driving DogFalse Alarm

Thought the dog ran off

Found her waiting by my car

Just wanted a ride

– M.S. Fowle

Copyright © 2013

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  1. To paraphrase the song – ‘Dogs just wanna have fu-un’ 🙂

  2. Not crappy at all!
    It shines a light on the gritty underbelly of animal thought.

    • She really scared the crap outta me, too! But there she was – just chillin’. I think she’s too old to run away.

      Thanks, by the way! 🙂

  3. I know the feeling. Once had that happen with my cat who thought she was a dog so she counts 🙂 Couldn’t find her anywhere. Scoured the neighborhood, checking in at houses all the way, crying as I went. Finally came home, sat down on the couch and there she was, stretching and crawling out from behind my antique hi-fi. She’d been sleeping in the speaker cavity.

    • I can sympathize with you on that. Though I’m not a “cat person” any longer, I grew up with plenty of them. They always found the oddest places to take a nap. 😉

  4. Some dogs love to ride in the car. 🙂


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