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For all of July, you can get Missing Mandy by Shirley S. Simon for FREE!

Missing Mandy by Shirley S. Simon

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Genre(s): Paranormal Fantasy

Description: “Danny arrives in Ankleton to get away from his past life and start anew. But there’s no peace for him here. He is haunted by apparitions, nightmares and strange noises in the basement of his house. And what’s with the smell of oranges? Would be ever be able to solve this mystery?

There is someone locked in a dark room. The walls and floor are spattered with blood. The torture continues. Will the cry for help be heard by anyone? Will there be a way out of this hell?”

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About the Author


Author Shirley S. Simon

Shirley S. Simon is an aspiring fiction writer, amateur photographer, avid book reader and reviewer, and novice artist.

She lives in Delhi, India with her family, loves reading mysteries and crime and thrillers. Her favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Tami Hoag, Sir A. C. Doyle, L.J. Smith and she’s recently fallen in love with the works of Stephen King. She’s also partial towards the paranormal, the supernatural, fantasy and everything magical. She enjoys watching movies and surfing the net in search of brain food–something that stimulates the mind and makes one appreciate that God chose to give us life and a place on this planet. Her faith keeps her grounded and practical for most part of it.

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  1. Just downloaded. Can’t wait to read it!

    Keep smiling,


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