My Crappy Poetry: Entry #27

CoyoteMother’s Instinct

To the coyote

Sniffing around my backyard

I’m heavily armed

-M.S. Fowle

Copyright © 2013

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  1. As usual, your poetry is not crappy.

    • 🙂 Thank you – I just have a weird sense of humor. The coyote is real, though, and not so much fun. It’s been in my yard a few times, where my son plays. And I’m not one for killing animals. I’d call the warden before I tried that. But if it shows up while we’re out playing, I will do what I need to do. They are very pretty animals that get a bad rap sometimes.

  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for coyotes.

    They are pretty, but they’re still wild carnivores. Being careful, or even protective, isn’t cruelty to animals. It’s facing facts.

    • Well said, Tim. I have a lot of respect for the animals around here, especially considering we humans overdevelop the land and force them out of their natural habitats. But our species reverts to their own natural instincts when it comes to protecting our young – underneath this little, pale exterior, I am a lioness. 😉

  3. Do coyotes read blogs?

    • 😉 It’d be nice if they did. Of course, if they could do that, we could negotiate peace talks to keep them out of my yard.

  4. Beautiful image! xoJulia


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