Author Feature: Nathan Jefferson

Here today is author Nathan Jefferson and his new book The Wayward Journey!

Click to Get It  On Amazon

Click to Get It
On Amazon

Cover Design by Adrijus Guscia at

Genre(s): Thriller, Adventure, Post-apocalyptic, Dystopian

Description: “The heartland of the country is rocked by a series of devastating earthquakes that cripple the nation by destroying massive amounts of infrastructure, killing and injuring hundreds of thousands, and displacing millions of inhabitants.

Now, John, our hero, is stranded nearly 2,000 miles away from home with no easy way to make it back to his loving family in need. In his attempt to get home, he battles against the flow of refugees fleeing the devastated area and encounters many perilous—and sometimes deadly—trials along the way.”

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About the Author


Nathan Hale Jefferson wishes to help spread the ideas of liberty and freedom through his writing by giving examples of what could happen in different situations that infringe upon a persons unalienable rights. With this goal he still strives to keep political and religious views in check and subdued in his writing, leaving those to the readers themselves to determine, and tries to focus more on freedom, family and community.

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A huge thank you to Nathan for sharing his work with us today!


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  1. This is a worthy title and the cover of the book gives one
    a glimpse without words, I think that these kinds of books
    offer more to some readers, as the content shows bravery
    amongst ordinary people, and the steadfastness to survive.




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