Please Help Find Nichole

UPDATE: Last night, May 20th, the body of Nichole Kristine Cable was found just miles from her home. Continue to keep Nichole and her family in your hearts, pray even if you’ve never prayed before. The perpetrator is still out there somewhere. As more information becomes available, I will update you all accordingly.

Thank you so much for your support.

Rest in Peace, Nichole. xoxo

*Latest article from Bangor Daily News ->

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UPDATE: An arrest has been made:

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In Loving Memory of Nichole Kristine Cable

* * *

This past Sunday night, a local teenage girl went missing and no one has seen or heard from her since.

MISSING: Nichole Kristine Cable

15-year-old Nichole Kristine Cable of Glenburn, Maine was last heard from Sunday night at around 9:20pm. Her parents have reported that she had received messages on Facebook from an unknown male and had plans to meet up with him. From what I’ve gathered, he posed as one of her Facebook friends to get her to accept a friend request and started messaging her.

There is little to go on as far as the “person of interest” goes – only that he is male, used a fake name and is supposedly driving a small black car. A few other teen girls have come forward to say that the same man had contacted them as well, but he removed them from his friend’s list when they refused to meet him.

Nichole’s last known whereabouts is on Route 221 in Glenburn, Maine.

If you’d like to get involved, this is the Facebook group that’s been formed to get information out:

I’ve also sent out some tweets about this, using the hashtag #FindNichole and #FindNicholeCable – please go to my Twitter profile and Retweet them:

I don’t care where you live or if you think it might not help – IT WILL! Reblog, Repost, Retweet – whatever you can! Think of all the different people who follow you online – they come from all over. Let’s use our social media outlets to spread the word and bring Nichole home!

I will update you once more information is received. Thank you for whatever help you can offer.

* * *

UPDATE: Authorities are now looking for anyone who may have seen a black Ford Ranger pickup truck (similar to the one pictured below) in the area of Rt. 221 near Rt. 43 and Rogers Market or near West Old Town between 8pm Sunday (May 12th) and 2am Monday (May13th). *Read the full article >>

Nichole Cable Case - Ford Ranger

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UPDATE: A ground search will be conducted today (May 19th) involving law enforcement and local citizens. I will let you know if they turn up anything. Please keep Nichole in your hearts today. Thank you.

* * *

UPDATE: More than 500 people turned out yesterday (May 19th) to help search for Nichole or any evidence of what may have happened to her. It’s been reported that “several items” were found that will be analyzed by authorities, but specifics of what was found was not made public. Authorities were almost overwhelmed by the turnout–they didn’t expect so many citizens to respond. Maine State Game Warden Rick LaFlamme told searchers to pick up any trash they found – cigarette butts, soda cans, water bottles, jewelry, cell phones – anything that could contain DNA or possibly belong to Nichole or the possible perpetrator. Nichole’s mother, Kristine Wiley, gave an emotional statement to the volunteers, thanking them all for their help.

*Latest article and video from Bangor Daily News ->

The search for Nichole Kristine Cable and any clues to her whereabouts continues. Keep sharing her photo and story. Someone somewhere knows something.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing

      • That’s alright, I’m so sorry to hear what happened to Nichole. It’s horrible that things like this happen and you wonder what is going through these people’s heads
        My deepest sympathies

  1. I have friends in Canada, Montréal… But it’s a lot of this kind of crime here in France too… I published this on my fb-site… In French!!!

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    Sending prayers for Nichole!

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    Help find Nichole !

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  6. tina5458

     /  May 19, 2013

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  7. ohhh that is going on in America? Why so much violence? why so many missing? I can not say “like” this post, it gives me immense sadness. So many unknowns … so many questions …. is that we are moving more and more of God?

    • Unfortunately, this happens everyday, all over the world. Even if sharing her photos and story doesn’t bring her home, I hope they at least start a conversation between parents and their kids about the dangers of the world, especially the internet. We want to protect our children all the time, but there will come a time when we have to trust that they know how to protect themselves. We – not just parents, but as members of our communities – need to give them the knowledge to do so. I hope you share Nichole’s story with others, whether it be on the internet or with your loved ones. Thank you for commenting.

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    Reblogging, please do the same to help this girl find her way home. Thoughts to her family.

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     /  May 19, 2013

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     /  May 19, 2013

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    Please share this, lets all help find her. Sadly with technology today, she could be anyone’s daughter.

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    Please reblog this post to help find Nichole.

  13. I reblogged this today. i wish I had sen it sooner!! Prayers

  14. Every parents worst nightmare. Will spread word. Thoughts and prayers

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    Look this over and see if you recognize this girl. You might save her life.

  17. Reblogged from Las Vegas, NV. I hope she’s found.

  18. I am encouraged by how many peeps have responded to your posting my friend, unfortunately mine has not been so successful yet but I guess that having a Private Space is limiting the efforts 😦

    Nevertheless I will leave that posting on my leading page all this week in the hope that it generates more of an interest and that someone that reads it will see her and report it to the Sheriff’s department.

    It’s the least I can do to offer my support but I don’t
    want thanking for it I just wanted you to know that’s all.

    Have a very nice start to
    your Monday and be well
    my friend 🙂

    Andro xx

    • The response has been amazing – both on the internet and in our community. Maine, though be it a state, is more like a small village. I’ve lived here my whole life and have no plans to ever leave. No matter what town you call home, we’re all neighbors. When a child goes missing, we feel as if it were our own child.

      And don’t worry about the response you’re getting or not getting. My whole goal in this was to get her photos and story out there for all to see. As I told another commenter, even if sharing them doesn’t bring her home, I hope they at least start a conversation between parents and their kids about the dangers of the world, especially the internet. Educating others is the best way for them to protect themselves when we can’t be there to watch over them. I hope this is an eye-opener for all the people out there (especially teens) who habitually post anything and everything on the internet with no regards to privacy settings.

      I know you don’t want me to, but I know her loved ones would want me to thank you for your support. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated.

      Take care, Andro.


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    Will be praying that she is found safe and alive.

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    Really hope to be found!

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  22. I have re-blogged this, its awful this world has come to this. I hope she is found safe & sound.

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    Please reblog – Nichole’s last known whereabouts is on Route 221 in Glenburn, Maine. She is 15 years old.

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  25. elementallysensual

     /  May 20, 2013

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    Tim Bosma and his killers were found in Ontario due to social media coming together for the greater good. Sadly he wasn’t found in time, but with all our prayers out in the universe and all our eyes open maybe she can be found alive.

    Please Reblog!

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    Please reblog

  27. I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t understand this world anymore. Saying prayers for her family and close friends.

    • I don’t understand it either. I’ll be holding my son longer and tighter than usual. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  28. How very sad. My heart breaks for Nichole’s family.

  29. So many tragedies of this nature are now happening around our world… So many young girls who go off with people they know or think they know… Here in the UK is the same… and young children who go missing never to be found.. This is a cruel world … But we are gradually uniting and bringing it together with the compassionate hearts and prayers which are being sent out every day….
    Blessings ~ Sue

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    This shit has got to stop. This is making me crazy.

  31. I am so truly very sorry …

    • Thank you but I didnt know Nichole. I know her family thru their business, but not personally. Its just so tragic. I hope it helps more people learn how to be safer on the internet. We want to trust our kids will make the right decisions, but we cant trust everyone they hang out with. One of her friends shouldve spoken up sooner about this 20yrold hanging out with a 15yrold – its inappropriate on so many levels. Thanks again. xoxo

  32. toad (chris jensen)

     /  May 31, 2013

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  33. Tragic and so unfortunate.

  34. Tragic indeed. But what is it that leads to such tragedies increasing all over?


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