Author Feature: Doug Sutherland

Today, I am thrilled to share a new author, and a new book, with you!

Please welcome Doug Sutherland, author of the new thriller, Dancer’s Rain.

Click to Get It On Amazon

Click to Get It
On Amazon

Genre(s): Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Fiction

  • WARNING: Contains adult content

Description: “There was a time when Frank Stallings was as good a homicide detective as anyone on the planet – but not now. Now he’s come home, settled in as police chief in the small town where he grew up. He’s lost his edge, become too comfortable – at least until his comfort zone is shattered by two stunning newcomers.

Frank isn’t the only one who notices. Their arrival brings a monster to the surface – an apex predator who’s survived this long by exercising an icy control over the terrifying urges that drive him. Now he’s headed for meltdown – and Frank may not have what it takes to stop him.”

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Author Doug Sutherland

About the Author:

Doug Sutherland is a producer, actor and director with many years of experience in the film industry. DANCER’S RAIN is his first novel.


Thank you, Doug, for sharing your work with us! 😀

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  1. Nice cover!!!


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