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An author’s primary goal after publishing a book is selling said book to as many readers as humanly possible. One way to promote your work is through author listing sites. Unfortunately, some of them want you to pay for such a service, some even having the gall to ask for hundreds of dollars. Now, I suppose if the site is run or backed by some Fortune 500 company of some sort, then it might be worth the coin. But we’ve got bills to pay. What’s the point of selling books if you end up putting all your profits into trying to sell more books?

Free… is a fantabulous thing. So, my author friends, I invite you to join!

It’s a quickly growing database of authors and their books. You can list all your available books and their descriptions, and you can even quote reviews from Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Oh–and no need to upload each and every book cover, or even copy and paste a link for every book. Simply provide a link to your author profile (like on Amazon or Smashwords) and they do the rest for you! They even find and add your author photo to your profile.

In addition, they provide listings of various author services, such as editing, formatting, & book covers. (Melchelle Designs was just recently added to the roster.)

And on top of all that, they host a wonderful Book Cover Contest! Once you’ve listed yourself in their database, you can check out the contest and add your book cover to the appropriate category to be voted on. (I just added the cover for The Sire to the Science Fiction/Fantasy category, if you feel so inclined to vote on it. πŸ˜‰ You can do so if you just CLICK HERE. But I believe you need to register on the site first.)

And don’t forget, I am more than happy to share your new, old, or upcoming book right here on my website. Just click on the Author Services tab above to get started. And yes–it’s totally free. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I just signed up for this a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to look you up now!

  3. Thanks for the info, joined and reblogged on

  4. Thanks for sharing. Will have to check it out πŸ™‚


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