Coming This Weekend

A lot is happening this weekend!

The SHARE THE LOVE CAMPAIGN is looking to be a smashing success – All my slots are full! Thank you all so much for signing up! 😀

On top of that, I will be doing a KDP Select Promotion!

For 3 DAYS ONLY – February 15th, 16th & 17th – you’ll be able to get The Sire on Amazon for FREE!

The Sire February 2013 Promo

To my readers, thank you so much if you’ve already purchased The Sire – your support is greatly appreciated! Feel free to share your thoughts with a review.

To my fellow authors, I would love it if you could add one of these images to your site, but I’ll love you guys either way. If you do decide to share the big news, please link the widget to The Sire on Amazon:

The Sire February 2013 Promo 2

I’m looking forward to tons of free downloads and, hopefully, a few more reviews.

And I can’t wait for the SHARE THE LOVE CAMPAIGN to get underway! I’ve got some great authors and their incredible books to share with you all!

Until then…

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    Share the love this weekend with MS Fowle

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    Share The Love Campaign … please spread the word. 🙂

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    Share the Love Campaign Coming This Weekend – Help Spread the Word

  4. Mel –
    Thought you might like to know I bought the Kindle of “The Sire” – I’m about at the part where Jinx and Yuki appear. I like it so far. Will leave a review when I finish. 😉


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