13 New Premade Ebook Covers

If you wander on over to Melchelle Designs, you will find 13 New Premade Ebook Covers!

To see all the fresh new artwork, just CLICK HERE!

Here are SIX of my personal favorites out of the bunch…

From General & Romance Fiction Premades:

Graffiti Girl by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs

We Are Soldiers by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs










From Fantasy Premades:

Dreaming by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs

Fire Witch by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs










From Science Fiction Premades:

Clockworks by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs

Coded by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs










We’ve had a number of sales over the past couple weeks, thanks to Kindleboards.com. If you haven’t check out this forum, it is a MUST SEE for writers and Kindle lovers alike! If you’re an author, you NEED to check out the Writers’ Cafe.

Thanks so much for popping in today!

And don’t forget – just 3 DAYS LEFT until the BIG DAY! ;)

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  1. Damn, you’ve got talent. I like the ones and zeroes, which reminds me of our communications here online.

    By the way, I think the mass-air-flow sensor in my 2000 Impala is malfunctioning. ;-)

    • Thanks, Tim! :D

      And ONLY because you’re so nice… they make a spray you can use to clean your mass air flow sensor. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need a new one – $80-ish for a remanufactured one (bring your old one with you.) ;)

  2. Clockworks Rocks!!!

  3. Really wonderful covers, Mel! :)


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