Cover Reveal: VOICES ACROSS THE VOID by Paula Acton

For those out there who don’t follow author Paula Acton… what’s wrong with you?

It’s okay, it’s okay. You can redeem yourself by finding her at the following links:

Author Site

Photography Site

Twitter @Paula_Acton

Paula has been very good about teasing us all with her next project. From what we know so far, she’s putting together a collection of ghost stories for a mix of drama, a dash of horror, and even a bit of humor. It’s set to be released soon enough via Amazon, and will be available as both print and ebook.

I’m thrilled to present to you Voices Across The Void by Paula Acton:

by Paula Acton
(Cover Design by Melchelle Designs)

She came to me about putting together a cover for it and I was thrilled to oblige. Probably the best thing about making this cover is the background photo – it’s of the Bluebell Wood and was taken by Paula herself. Her photos are always gorgeous, and I feel its adds a real personal touch to the final cover with a mix of her artwork and my own. The ethereal-looking girl you see is actually a statue in an open-air museum in Belgium, called “Running Girl” by Kurt Gebauer. The smoke and orbs are meant to represent spirits from the “other side.”

To receive further updates on this publication, please follow Paula using one of the links provided above.

Congratulations, Paula! I can’t wait to read it!

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  1. Aww thankyou though I don’t know about being a tease lol there are parts of a couple of the stories up on my blog for the bluebell woods story and the library one although they are only starting points for what will be in this

  2. You did an amazing job on the cover, Mel! 🙂 I can’t wait to read Paula’s work soon!


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