Where Do I Begin?

There are a few things I should be preparing for at the moment. First and foremost, mostly because I have a small child, is making room for a Christmas tree. Our house is not very big, so it’s kind of a conundrum right now. It’s a fake tree, which is not necessarily my first choice. I always grew up with a real one in the house, smelling all piney and wintery. But real trees are also messy and sticky, and I’m afraid the dog would drink the water out of the holder it stands in. Not to mention that a fake tree is far more cost effective. I also have gifts to wrap, but I wait for my husband to help me with that. He’s not allowed to wrap anything, for reasons I’m sure you can guess. He hands me tape.

Also on the agenda is reorganizing the website for Melchelle Designs. I’ve already divided the premade book covers by genre, but I think I need to shorten the titles for each category. I’d also like to add a few new ones. “Nature” to depict cover art of landscapes, waterscapes and various flora, “Grunge & Vintage” for those looking for a certain style, and maybe something like “Around The World” for covers that show well known places across the globe.

Are there any artful categories that you would like to see?

And finally, I absolutely positively must write a blurb/description for my upcoming novel. I wanted so badly to do the cover reveal today, but (once again) I’ve realized I never wrote a blurb for it. I always leave it for the last thing I do, probably because I hate writing them. As an author, it’s incredible frustrating and almost insulting to have to sum up nearly your entire book in a couple of sentences. It feels unfair to my characters and their story. But no one’s gonna even consider reading it without knowing at least some of what it’s about.

So, prepare yourselves! On December the 10th of 2012, I will be doing a full reveal of my historical urban fantasy novel to be released in January of 2013!

Okay then… I’m gonna go move some furniture. Have a good one! :D

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  1. The dreaded blurb. Some people are good at doing them, I guess. Back to Christmas.

    I know what you mean about the artificial tree. My wife and I finally switched to one after all the kids had grown up and left. We miss the smell of a real tree, but not the mess.

    I’m good for wrapping presents for three presents… exactly three. After that, I get too frustrated with it. Your husband’s a smart guy, acting like he CAN’T do it. ;-)

    • It is rather odd… the man could build a house with his bare hands, but he can’t wrap a gift to save his life. As Bill Cosby once said about men, “We are dumb, but we are not so dumb.”

  2. I also hate the blurb thing. Harder to write than the novel. Can’t wait to see your new book!

  3. Looking forward to it :) Good luck

  4. Re: Tree vs Child….

    We use a wooden playpen to keep our children out of arms reach of the playpen… May help…

  1. Sign Up for the Cover Reveal « M.S. Fowle

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