My Crappy Poetry: Entry #20

Photograph © M.S. Fowle

The Boy

Fits, screams, cries, and whines

Noisy toy with no off switch

But he’s so worth it

-M.S. Fowle

Copyright © 2012

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  1. You have to remove the batteries. Why is it that every toy sold in the stores now has to make those ridiculous noises?

    Nice picture. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

      And now that he’s 3, he understands that most of his toys need batteries to work. A family friend made him a wooden toy train last year and the first thing he said was “Where batteries to make it go?” *sigh*

      I’d just be happy if they all had a volume button – some of them are so loud!

  2. Ha ha ha. Great job! Thanks for the smile! xoJulia


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