FIND THIS NEW RELEASE ON AMAZON: The God Machine by Teri Harvey

It’s finally here! My friend and fellow author Teri Harvey has released her latest romance fantasy novel, The God Machine, on Amazon! And it’s just $0.99!

THE GOD MACHINE by Teri Harvey
(Cover Art by Melchelle Designs)

The God Machine by Teri Harvey

Description: “Salamander, a budding wizard’s apprentice on par to become the most powerful apprentice of them all, has made a few horrifying revelations about his life. First, he is undeniably in love with his master and mentor The Black Wizard Zolton. Second, and most terrifying, Salamander may not even be a he at all. Salamander must hide his femininity at all cost or risk being destroyed by the League of Wizards, or even worse, rejected by Zolton who has secretly come to love his young apprentice. After being outed by his worst enemy, Ox, Salamander is ostracized by the League of Wizards. With her best friend and fellow apprentice Ferret by her side, Salamander, now Amanda, is forced into hiding, and her beloved Zolton is bound by the League of Wizards to rid the world of the creature of his own creation even if it shatters Zolton’s heart in the process.”

Get it on Amazon US for just $0.99! >>

Get it on Amazon UK >>

You can learn more about Teri on her blog –

You can also connect with Teri on Twitter –


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