All 50 States Petitioning to Secede

Social media is bursting at the seams with talks of petitions for states to secede from the United States. That sentence alone reads like an oxymoron. We live in the United States, not the “Leave whenever the hell you want because things aren’t going your way” States. And that sentence reads like a lecture spouted at a rebellious teenager. Essentially, it is.

Yesterday, my uncle posted a link on his Facebook page encouraging Mainers to sign our petition to secede and stop paying “their bloated porkulous stimulus bills.” I responded, telling him I didn’t want to “start a big thing” – but how can I not? I suppose I understand his and others’ side of it – they’re pissed for various reasons about how our government is run and the fact that those they voted for this election didn’t win. Or perhaps they’re pissed that Maine passed Question One, which allows gay couples the right to legally marry. I can’t be completely sure of all their true reasons behind this stand. All I know is, the last time numerous states tried to secede, the Civil War followed.

Is this really the answer? As I told my uncle, “Seceding from our country is like throwing the dishes away because they’re dirty.” People are upset about who was elected into office earlier this month. Who ELECTED them? Sure, money was involved – into the billions, I’m sure. But I still have to believe that those votes cast by the citizens of this country played a significant part in who is now running it. I have no doubt that how our government spends our money is outrageously flawed and fueled by greed. I’m just wondering how this would’ve changed had Mitt Romney been elected… the same man who keeps billions of dollars of his own money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes… the same man who, when he realized he wouldn’t win the election, immediately cutoff his campaign workers before they had checked out of their hotels after working so hard for him for two years, sticking them with the bills.

Tell me this: are you really willing to turn your back on your own country? The same country that gives us the right to speak out freely against our government, that allows men and women the right to vote, that helps low-income families send their kids to college, that allows me to freely believe in God (or not, if I so choose.) I see other countries around the world that embrace the oppression of women and children, that persecute people because of their religious beliefs, that try to assassinate 15-year-old girls simply because they want to go to school, and all I can do is appreciate the fact that I don’t live in a country like that.

Here are some “fun facts” for you: We in Maine pay 5% sales tax, while many European countries pay over 20%. We pay around $4/gal to fuel our cars or heat our homes, while others pay well over $10. And yet we bitch.

Yes – the lower and middle class are overtaxed while the wealthy pay nothing. Too many government officials abuse their power and misuse taxpayer money. Too many Americans are still out of work or barely working enough to survive. Some are arguing that taxing the wealthy would slow or stop job creation. THIS IS CRAP! I work for a large American corporation – I am “the little guy.” The CEO of our company will more than likely get a holiday bonus check that totals in the millions, while most of my co-workers make less than a dime over minimum wage on top of only receiving 10 to 20 hours each week to receive such pitiful pay. And yet, they scold us to sell more, do more, and make them more money. Why? So the company can fly our store managers to some convention in Atlantic City to enjoy a dinner that costs $1200 a plate? (Do these guys know that 1 out of every 4 children in this country go hungry everyday?)

So you see, I have every right to sign a petition to secede from America, and just as many reasons. But I won’t. I refuse to turn my back on my country, one built on the backs of the working class and the graves of the service men and women who gave their lives for the sake of our livelihood. Of course our country and its government needs reform, but I’m still proud to call this country my home. I am proud to be an American. You should be too, damn it.

*Note: This post is strictly my opinion. You are entitled to yours – so share it in the comments below. All I ask is that you keep it clean and civil.

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  1. This is without a doubt in the top five of posts I’ve read…ever. And I totally agree with your stand. I’m a Marine (technicaly, you can put and “ex” in front of that, but there ain’t no such thing), and a patriot. I firmly believe that if you don’t like this country, there are several thousand airplanes just waiting for you to climb your happy ass on, and several thousand miles of coastline..just dive right on in.
    There are so many things broken in this country that it’s easy to see how people can be disillusioned. But quitting isn’t the answer – getting involved is. Effort and hard work cures many ills, and as I’ve told my son many times, get in there and do it…do it hard…do it to the best of your ability and then, even if it doesn’t turn out as you wanted, you know you did your best.
    I wasn’t thrilled with the election’s outcome either, and all one has to do is look back at the last four years to understand why. But it is what it is…love it…or leave it.
    Fantastic article, and about to be blogged all over God’s earth :)

  2. There is a little-known lobe of the human brain… the Political Lobe. When the Political Lobe is activated, some vital functions of the brain are altered… reason, memory, logic… and a person’s actions are adversely affected.

  3. You have a very good point and I am glad you expressed it. As a card carrying republican, I’m a little embarrassed by the way the republicans are taking this. I was always taught to lose gracefully. No matter how bad our country may seem to us, we’re in a lot better shape than most of them. We’re still better off here.

    • Most definitely. We’re a bit too arrogant – wanting more and more without having to work for it. And I have to say, I would’ve never pegged the health store employee who tie dyes shirts and writes romance novels as a Republican. ;)

  4. “Waaa! I lost, so I’m going to take my state and go home.” How utterly childish.

    Living in a democracy means that you get your say, not that you get your way. If you didn’t learn that in civics class, then don’t embarrass yourself by spouting your ignorance in humiliating ways, such as publicly endorsing a petition to secede. And for the truly historically ignorant, this question on the right to secede was answered with considerable finality in the 1860s by something called, “The Civil War.”

    And, finally, I find calls for secession to be just this side of both seditious and treasonous. If you’re that unamerican then do all of us a favor and get the heck out. We don’t need you. Secede from the union all you want, but have the decency to leave your state behind as you exit the country.

    Just the 2¢ worth of this military veteran.

  5. You bring a really good point. I don’t think our country needs to be burdened with an off chance at war just because of how everything turned out after the election. There are injustices being handed to us middle class families, sure, but it is not enough reason to secede from the country. I love history and looking back for the reasoning for war – they had it all on point. But right now? *sigh* I just think it’s ridiculous how people are getting so riled up over who is in office now. It’s like they are acting like a petulant child who didn’t get a toy at the store they wanted.

    No matter how bad it gets, I believe and have hope that it will get better. All the reasons you named – the rights that we have – is what makes a America a just country. I’m glad to be an American like you. I think a lot of people have forgotten that.

    Sorry if this is all jumbled….I’m not very good at speaking my mind when it comes to politics xD But I really loved this post. You hit everything on the nail :)

    • I’m not a fan of politics either – too many big words! But you’re right. I look at all this and can only think of a toddler sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with her arms crossed and holding her breath because she’s not getting her way. Eventually, she’s gonna have to breathe – or her mother is just gonna spray her with the faucet to make sure she does. (True story, by the way. Just ask my mom.) ;)

  6. Great post!

    I’m not American, so this is only very tangentially my problem. And yes I understand that it sucks when your party or your candidate loses an election. Believe me, I know that it sucks, for my vote is apparently poison, cause whatever party or candidate I support inevitably loses. But the temper tantrums thrown by some of the more fringe political elements in the US ever since the election are getting really ridiculous. It’s just an election, not the end of the world. Honestly, I can’t recall any US election where the losing side reacted quite so badly, not even the contentious two George W. Bush elections (yes, some people said they’d move to Canada, but no one actually did) and the 2008 election.

    Never mind that those in favour of secession are also quite unrealistic. Yes, a big state with a strong economy like Texas or California could probably survive on its own (though California is having plenty of budget problems). But a small state like Maine? I doubt it.

    • I discussed this with a friend of mine who now lives in Texas, and we said the same thing. They have oil, livestock, etc. Maine’s only real exports are lumber and potatoes, and most of the lumber ends up in Canada. And yeah – where was this kind of craziness when Bush was re-elected? I’m hoping this is all just to draw attention to the many flaws of our government and their habitual overspending of OUR money.
      Thanks for stopping by, Cora! :D I’m happy to get an “outside” view on the situation.

  7. Reblogged this on R. Doug Wicker — Author and commented:
    A must read on the silliness that has become the 2012 spoiled brat, my-way-or-the-highway, poor loser secessionist movement.

  8. every one of these entries are liberal. TNumerous election officials saw vote after vote placed for romney switch over to obama. That is what the dry and furor is about. Military votes dumped in the sea, sidetracked for a month, lost, not given to milityary in time to vote. extreme cheating. didnt your momma teach you not to steal? That is what the cry is about. Stealing .

    • It would help a lot if the news media would at least mention ANY of this. I watch The Today Show every morning and paid closer attention today waiting for a report of the states secession, and it wasn’t mentioned even once. As far as I know, only Fox News has talked about it, but I don’t consider them “actual news.” Most information about any of this is found in tiny articles with little to no information as to why all this is happening. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. One would think with all the social media outlets at our disposal that more voices would be heard about this and what you’ve mentioned. Change IS coming, I just hope it’s done in a peaceful manner. It’ll be hard for me to fight in some sort of civil war with a 3 year old on my hip… but I could pull it off if need be.
      Thank you for your comment, Gerri. :)

  9. This things always crop up after elections – and can be found in some form or the other in other parts of the world too. When the people are unhappy the way the higher-up are running the government, they are supposed to initiate change by bringing in people they believe, can do it better. The problem begins when there are no good options to choose from. How did this happen – somewhere at the grass root levels, wrong people are chosen as representatives . They in turn support people like themselves. A chain reaction ensues and later we find that we as the common people are the ones who are at a loss. It is a huge and difficult step but choosing the right person at the bottom rung will bring in small change and <> the virus will spread to others too. On a lighter note, if our population began to think of going somewhere else because the government is not doing a good job … well, God help the world! :)

  10. Sharon

     /  November 16, 2012

    Very good points Mel -running away never fixed anything

  11. I don’t talk politics, and I don’t usually read about it either, but this was good. Nicely done. xoJulia

  12. I try to keep political commentary out of my blogs (I don’t always succeed), but I found yours refreshing and to the point. Well done!

  1. My pal M.S. Fowle wrote an article about the States seccession that you MUST read…it’s tremendous…check it out! « Thomas Rydder

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