Helpful Blogs for Writers

Today is Blogroll Day and I’ve picked out a few blogs that I follow that are helpful for us indie authors.

1.) Rebeka Harrington –

  • Rebeka is an indie author herself with two vampire novels available on Amazon. She also does author promotion right on her website, showcasing other indies and their work to help spread the love. Just drop her a line telling her about your book and she’ll set up a date to post about it.

2.) Sharon Poffinberger –

  • Sharon offers up plenty of helpful articles and links that not only help writers perfect their craft, but offer tips on how to navigate the many winding roads of e-publishing.

3.) Sapna & Sharmistha –

  • These two ladies loooove books! If you’d like an honest review of your work, feel free to email them at about your book. Reviews can fuel sales, and these two don’t mess around.

4.) Thomas Rydder –

  • I mentioned Thomas not that long ago, but he deserves a repeat. He does author interviews and shows off the books of other writers right on his front page. If you’d like to do an author interview with him, just email him at to get in touch.

Enjoy some new contacts, everyone! And have a great day!

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  1. Awww, thank you M.S….you’re too kind 🙂
    I put a pretty good one up today, written by Stephen King…about himself. It’s a great read, if you haven’t read it….

  2. OH OH!!! I just finished The First Light today!!! I honestly thought everyone was going to die…

  3. Thanks for the new blog links! xoJulia


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