Escape From Your Escape

There is no question that we writers love to write. But we also have to admit that there are times when we just can’t force ourselves to write or edit (especially edit.) And, frankly, we shouldn’t have to force ourselves to do what we love – we should just love doing it so much that it comes naturally. But, low and behold, we are human beings with many desires. Though writing is usually our favorite escape, there are times when we need an escape from our ultimate escape.

For me, I have a few backup escapes. My photomanipulations are one way for me to divert my frustrations, but I have a few other things that help me to break away. I hold a secret love for my Xbox, and I tend to replay games that I’ve finished more than a handful of times. That may sound weird, but when it comes to the Fable series, there are plenty of ways to play. In Fable, you can choose to be male or female, good or evil, and just about everything is customizable for your character. But what provides the most fun for me is my son. He’s at this age where everything is a mystery to him, and I love showing him new things. The other day, I had put the television on this music channel that plays songs fit for toddlers. When it started to play “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the film Mary Poppins, what else was I to do but scoop him up and start dancing and singing? I had never seen him laugh so hard!

Now it’s your turn!

What are your escapes? What do you do when writer’s block gets in your way? How do you alleviate the frustrations of editing?

And don’t be shy – I’m a 30something mom who plays video games and sings Julie Andrews songs. 😉

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  1. I haven’t played video games in so many years. I miss it.
    Throw on a favourite film I’ve seen 30 times and sit back and relax.

    • Im a late-bloomer gamer: usually only play games that have been out for a while because theyre so expensive when theyre new… Unless its Fable. The forth installment comes out early ’13 and cant wait! And “old school” movies always make for a relaxing time. 😉 thnx for sharing!

  2. AArrggghhhh I hate fable my daughter played it for ages i hated the bloody lute you have to pley to earn money I can hear it now just thinking about it lol

    To escape hmmm I read or take the camera and head out with the dogs I probably have thousands of photos of walks with them in the same plaves just different weather lol

    • Lol I never worked jobs to make money in Fable – just wait for sales and shortages, then buy up real estate. But yes – the lute is annoying.

      I love your photos! Where you live is so pretty with so much history.

  3. Video Games (for the PC). Right now adventure games, and some shooters are more my speed, but if I had more time I play some of my CRPGs. I also enjoy plain old good TV like NCIS or Parks and Rec, or spending time with the dog and cat.

    • I used to love playing Quake with my bro on the PC – we’d be right in the same room, each with a laptop, trying to hunt each other down. Good times.
      My television, if on, is usually showing some Disney show for the little one. But I love Wilfred, and old reruns of Law & Order.

  4. I have nominated you for several Blogger Awards on Thanks and lots of hugs, Emily


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