My Crappy Poetry: Entry #3


Uneven Trade

Too hot, too humid

Snails have vanished, ants move in

A new invasion

-M.S. Fowle

Copyright © 2012

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  1. cheechakoblog

     /  June 20, 2012

    Thank you, MS Fowle.

  2. cheechakoblog

     /  June 20, 2012

    From one of my favorite poems..I’m not the author.

    …”He started by putting thorns all over the trees, he covered the sands with millions of fleas, he scattered tarantulas along the road, put thorns on cactus and horns on toads. He lengthened the horns of the Texas steer and put an addition to the rabbits ear, put a little devil in the bronco steed and poisoned the feet of the centipede. The rattlesnake bites you, the scorpion stings, the mosquito delights you with its humming wings. The sandburs are there and so are the ants and if you sit down, you’ll need half soles on your pants. The wild boar roams on the black chapperal . It’s a hellova place that he has for a hell.
    The heat in the summer is one hundred and ten..too hot for the devil and too hot for men…”

  3. Reminds me of the time my daughter “vanished” snails into my desk drawer after irrigation came. I’m not sure why. Good one 😉


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