The Lucky 7 Meme

I don’t know who came up with this, but it was fun. A big thanks to David McGowan, author of The Hunter Inside, for tagging me.

Here are the rules of The Lucky 7 Meme:

1.) Go to the 7th or 77th page of your Work in Progress.

2.) Go to the 7th line of the page.

3.) Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs. Remember, they must be as they are typed.

4.) Tag 7 authors.

5.) Let them know they’re it!

I’m not usually one for posting snippets of my work. But considering my current Work in Progress is the third installment of The First Series, I was rather excited to offer a little sneak peek. So go ahead and read away, even if you haven’t read any of the books. ;)

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

Copyright © 2012 M.S. Fowle

The First War (Book Three)

*Coming Soon*


“Quid est teum nōmen!” the First imperial captain demanded, “Who are you?”

One of them bravely stepped forward to remove their mask and whispers gasped at confirming the man was human. Beyond the thick of the crowd, Zeke and his clan were roosted to the awning of a storage house. They each held stark stares to the visitors, but the unveiled man was not known to them.

“We only hunt Chimeras,” the man said with a bow, “We didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Your help was unnecessary,” the captain scowled, and the surrounding stares remained unwavering as his brow narrowed, “However… I’m sure we can find a use for you now.”

“I can’t let you do that!” a woman’s voice suddenly rang sharp, and a heavy throb thrust through Zeke’s chest.

Pulling off her hood, Alex stood stately as she stretched out her hand to show a chained medallion bearing the engraved seal of the First’s Raju. “I am the leader of this team and every one of us has vowed to destroy Odin. We do it to save both our species.”

The captain was appalled, “Where did you get that?”


I hope to have The First War (Book Three) published very soon, so hit the Follow button for updates. And if you haven’t yet, you can grab The First Night (Book One) and The First Blood (Book Two) on Amazon for just $0.99 each. For some First fun, readers can also check out The First Sermo.

Thanks again, David! ;)

And now it’s my turn to tag 7 other authors:

Jessie Cox at cheechakoblog

Paula Acton

Christy Farmer

T.W. Dittmer

Teri Butterfly Harvey at bflyzone

Shirley S. Simon at Superphoenix

Ben Trube

You’re it! :P

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  1. Thanks Hun (sneaks off to check mauscript to see whats on lines 7 and 77)

  2. Why why! Now I want to read all of the book! ;)

  3. Thanks for the tag and for this sneak peek. If this is your work in progress am so looking forward to the finished work. Good luck :)

  4. Erik Gustafson

     /  June 18, 2012

    Sounds like a good story!!

  1. Everyone Gets A Trophy | Ben Trube

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