I’m sorry. This is just a quick random post about something my friend shared on Facebook. Enjoy…

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  1. I have always been skeptical about things that teachers tell me that sound a lot like the diagram above. For some reason they seem to get very upset when I question validity of their vast knowledge. Trust, but Varify, I always say. What I wanted to know was how this information on the f-ing blue curtains got out. Did the author have some big pow wow where he sat down and explained every elephant he used in the whole book to all the scholarly folk that were going to write the text books. Did he write a guidebook to his books? Did somebody ask him if the blue curtains represented his depression, and he just smiled and said sure that’s it…what a loon!
    I did write a lovely story once for a short story class I took. The instructor took my story completely figurative when I totally meant it literal. That’s a good lesson for us all. Every reader can interoperate a story differently. It made sence her way, but I did mean for it to be read my way.

  2. Reblogged this on Neither Here nor There…. and commented:
    This has got to be the laziest thing I have ever done, but considering the type of week it was on the blog it fits. So no recap for you, buuuut, a great intro to a fellow blogger who had a similar idea. 😀

  3. Hahahaha…so true!! 😀

  4. I’m sure we’ve all felt this way in literature class at some point in time. I remember wondering quite frequently why the hell authors put so much thought into every single word they write! And wouldn’t it completely mess with their heads!
    – Sharmistha

  5. A nice chuckle for that one. Thanks.

  6. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


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