Literary Architecture

As a writer, I have to take architecture into account when creating worlds. I often wonder if readers think about how much authors put into it – many draw up blueprints, either by hand, on a computer, or even hire a professional artist. Some map out whole worlds, carefully placing land and water precisely where we need them.

If you think back to your favorite stories in literature, you’ll find an amazing array of beautiful architecture. Lucky for us, some of most iconic displays have been gathered into a clever collection in this info-graphic, Homes of Classic Literature. I found it truly fascinating.

I’ve been given generous permission by the author to share the graphic here, but please click the above title or even the graphic below to offer your polite support for the hard work.

My special thanks to Sneha for sharing this!

Homes of Classic Literature

Got Snow?

If you’re short on snow, come on up and see me. We’ve had three storms in the past eight days, so we’ve got plenty. I did manage to get some Muck boots out of it all, though. If you live in a cold weather area, I highly recommend them.

Aside from all the snow, not much else has been going on around here. I’m still making book covers and I write when I can. I’m attempting to re-edit all my published works to polish them up a bit. I’ve already updated my short story, Nora’s Sun. The rest are going slow but steady.

I’m also making changes to this website. I’ve removed my Author Feature service, mostly based on my availability. I’ll still feature books and authors, but it’ll be on my time and of my choosing. I’d rather feature books that are similar genres to my own.

Posting here has become a stress factor for me lately, mostly because I don’t know what to post. Sometimes, I’ll think of something only to scrap the idea the second I sit down to write it. I guess my brain is just too busy with other things. So I’ll continue to show off some new premade covers or a few of my personal artworks, if only to keep you mildly entertained.

So without further ado, please enjoy some of my visual arts…

ROUTE 2 by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs


SCATTERED by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs


DRUID by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs

FORGOTTEN by Melchelle Designs

by Melchelle Designs


And here are some personal artworks…


Mad Lad Hatter by M.S. Fowle

Mad Lad Hatter
by M.S. Fowle


Kitty by M.S. Fowle

by M.S. Fowle


Guardian by M.S. Fowle

by M.S. Fowle


Sorrow by M.S. Fowle

by M.S. Fowle


You can see more premade book covers at or view more of my personal art in my deviantART Gallery.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Author Feature: Kristin Kula

The Weather

by Kristin Kula

Click to Get it on Amazon

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Genre(s): Non-fiction

Description: “Information and facts about certain types of weather.”

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About the Author


Kristin Kula was born on December 11th 1996. She spent her first few years of life growing up in Merrionette Park Illinois. But then after repeating first grade, her family moved to Bourbonnais Illinois. Where she currently lives. Kristin’s parents divorced a couple of years after the move, and now Kristin lives with her mom Lois Kula, and her older sister Katie Kula.

Due to family issues that took place when she was in 7th grade, Kristin now struggles with occasional depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and a Anxiety Disorder.

In may of her 6th grade year, Kristin was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Now in her junior year of High School, Kristin is an author of more than nine books. She can write extremely well, and is making good money off of her books, which seem to be growing more popular. Four of Kristin’s books, Horror Story Collection, The Protectors Books One and Two, The Protectors Books Three, Four, and Five, and Same Love: Book One have all been crowned Amazon Bestsellers.

Connect with Kristin Online:


New Covers at Melchelle Designs

Here’s a quick look at some of the latest cover designs available at Melchelle Designs

Melchelle Designs


• Fantasy Premades •


Ancient Dreams by Melchelle DesignsBlue Bird by Melchelle DesignsGrace by Melchelle Designs________________________________________________________

• General Fiction Premades •


Perch by Melchelle DesignsClassic Love by Melchelle DesignsPoppy Flower by Melchelle Designs________________________________________________________

• Science Fiction Premades •


Portals by Melchelle DesignsEnd of Days by Melchelle DesignsGalactic by Melchelle Designs________________________________________________________

You can see all our book cover designs at


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